Horse & Hound Approved 9/10: ROCKFISH Walkabout Neoprene-Lined Wellington Boots

I’ll start by saying these Rockfish Walkabout wellies exceeded my expectations. They are definitely workmanlike as wellies go – built for long days on your feet at the yard in bad weather. When I took them out the box I immediately noticed how much heavier they felt compared to other wellies I had tested recently (Le Chameau Vierzonords and Ariat insulated Burfords).

I was cautious to try them, but actually as soon as they were on I didn’t notice that I was carrying more weight on my feet. My feet also felt more secure and protected than they did in the Le Chameaus as the outer material is thicker and more rigid.

Because of this rigid style, they were really easy to put on and take off. This is a real bonus in my opinion because it means when you’re heading out the door with your riding jacket in one hand and riding hat and keys in the other, you can just slide your foot in and continue on your way. Because of this, the Walkabouts became my go-to boots – I just knew they were no faff to get on, easy to take off when I got home cold, wet and muddy, and they could cope with being flung into my car boot.

I am a size 4½ but sized up to a 5 as they aren’t available in half sizes and Rockfish suggests sizing up. This is actually the smallest size they do in this style, so if your feet are on the small side, you’ll need to check out our selection of the best wellies to find another. They fitted well and allowed plenty of room around the calf – mine measure 38cm at the widest point. I had the adjustable side gusset at its tightest, but if you were to loosen it the boot will allow for a much wider calf – and I would say these are the widest I’ve tried so far.

They felt roomy around the ankles and the soles were quite rigid, but overall I found they were really supportive. I noticed they felt narrower in the foot than some of the other wellies I tested, but only when I put the other boots on straight after could I notice the difference. I was never uncomfortable – and I lent them to a friend for a walk who normally takes a size 6, and she agreed they were comfortable.


I wasn’t so sure about the logo on the front, but I reminded myself these are yard wellies not fashion wellies. I haven’t thought about this since, so it really wasn’t a bother – and I would say that they look smarter in real life than many of the images I’ve seen online. The Walkabouts are available in black, blue, green or otter, which is the colour I tried. I’ve had a few compliments from friends at the yard saying the shape suits me, too. I think this is the cut at the top of the boot – if you look at the front on picture you will see they are shaped rather than an equal height the whole way around.

These boots were worn throughout Storms Eunice and Franklin in February 2022. They were warm, waterproof and sturdy – definitely up to the job – and I look forward to continuing to wear them. So far they show no signs of wear and tear – and where I find that some wellies perish and crack at the front, I just can’t see that happening with this material.

Walkabout Rockfish best wellie Horse and Hound


The Walkabouts are a fair bit cheaper than competitor boots, such as the Le Chameau Vierzonords – and I think they are great value for money. You need to spend a fair bit for a decent pair of wellies – and this price seems more than fair, especially when I compare them to others.

Verdict 9/10

These boots took me by surprise. I found them to be sturdy, comfortable boots that are ideal for the yard. My favourite thing about them is how easy they are to put on and take off – now that I have such a large selection of wellies to choose from every day, I find myself opting for these more often than not because of this.