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In the world of landscape and seascape photography, we often talk about what the best gear is and something that is often forgotten about is what we have on our feet.

Having the right gear for any part of photography can make all the difference. Whether you’re trudging along muddy footpaths on the Moors, exploring rocky shores in North Devon, standing at the base of a waterfall in the North West of Scotland or standing for hours in frozen or flooded fields on the Norfolk Broads, having a reliable pair of decent wellies is essential. In this blog, I introduce you to a pair of wellies that I have stood in all of those mentioned places that are not only comfortable and warm but also built to withstand the rigours of outdoor photography over time, allowing you to focus on capturing breathtaking shots without compromising your comfort. They have withstood my neglect and never been cleaned, such as constantly scrambling over rocks and getting soaked on the insides from going too far in the sea, yet they still perform like the day I got them. In my opinion, there is nothing like a review that is actually field-tested over time and this is exactly that, one pair of wellies with one careless owner that is still using the same bit of gear many years later

Say hello to the  “ROCKFISH - Walkabout” 

These exceptional wellies have been meticulously designed with the needs of those who hike a lot in mind. The company ROCKFISH make a fair few different types of wellies shaped for both men and woman with an emphasis on them being from an equestrian background but with additional research going into ensuring these boots are a dream to be wearing around the farm and also for walking in, all being scenarios where you are wearing your boots over prolonged periods of time if not all day.

The Walkabouts are the series I opted for and these have an outsole which is designed with hiking technology and a supported arch for comfortable all-day wear, delivering an anti-fatigue wellie for long walks. They combine comfort, warmth, durability, and practicality to ensure that your photography trip remains enjoyable and productive even during the most challenging conditions and I can 100% vouch for this, I purchased mine long before Covid, around early around 2018 and I can say this is one of those investments I am so glad I made, yes a pair of wellies costing over £100 seems like a lot, but considering my love for seascape shooting destroyed 2 pairs of decent walking boots in 1 year and these are still going as strong as the day I purchased them, they have more than paid for themselves by now.

Comfort for Extended Sessions:
One of the standout features of these Wellies is their unparalleled comfort, making them an excellent choice for photographers who often find themselves on their feet for hours on end. The wellies feature cushioned insoles that support and reduce fatigue. The contoured design ensures a snug fit, preventing discomfort and blisters that can arise from ill-fitting footwear. As an unfortunate sufferer of plantar fasciitis after running a half marathon in 2022, I find these wellies to fully support me while I am out on my camera trips, so my mind is on my image-making, not on me worrying if I will be able to walk back to the van. I have lost count of the number of times I have worn these boots now for 5-hour stints on the UK coastline during workshops and never once have I been itching to kick off the wellies and get something more comfy on my feet, it just feels like you are wearing the best fitting boots going.

Warmth That Keeps You Shooting:
When you’re out in the field during colder seasons, maintaining warmth is essential for your well-being and the quality of your work. The Walkabout Wellies come equipped with a 5mm neoprene layer insulating material that effectively traps heat, keeping your feet warm and cosy even in cold conditions, boasting protection down to -25°c, now I am yet to test that low a temperature in the UK, but I can vouch for -9°c while stood on the Norfolk broads whilst only wearing a pair of thin black Tesco nylon socks and these boots and my feet were nice and toasty warm. This means you can confidently brave the cold without worrying about frosty toes hindering you from bagging that dream shot. But the clever tech does not stop there, as they also have a 2mm wicking air mesh lining, which is added for moisture management and breathability in warmer weather, I have found this means I can wear these boots with socks in the UK temperature ranging the mid 20°c range without feeling like my feet are cooking. Anything warmer than that and I am choosing my location wisely so I know it’s okay to be in the water barefooted or at the most wearing flip-flops and wading in the water and enjoying a lovely cooldown with my dog, so wellies are not really needed then.

Built to Last:
Landscape and seascape photography often involves traversing rugged terrain, rocky shores, and muddy landscapes. The Wellies are built to withstand the harshest environments. Crafted from high-quality, hard-wearing materials, these wellies are resistant to abrasions and tears and waterproof right to the top of the boot, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable in damp conditions. The sturdy soles provide excellent traction, giving you the stability needed to navigate uneven surfaces safely even in the thickest and stickiest of muddy environments like Morston Quay where I am often wandering about with my camera and I know on many occasions this really nice thick grip has saved me from ending up facedown in the mud on numerous occasions.

Practical Features for Photographers:
Beyond their comfort and durability, the  Wellies include thoughtful features tailored specifically for photographers. The adjustable calf straps allow you to achieve a secure fit that prevents slipping, while the easy-to-clean design ensures that your wellies will be ready for your next adventure in no time. Additionally, the neutral colour options ensure that your wellies won’t distract from your photography or clash with your outfit as we all know we want to look our best when our photo mates are taking pictures of us in action 🤣

Conclusion: I never shout about or recommend anything unless I believe in the product myself and after investing my own money in it. So if I had to replace these boots due to losing them or whatnot, I would do it with these exact same boots again at the drop of a hat and with no questions asked at all apart from how quickly can they be delivered to me. At the end of the day, investing in a pair of comfortable, warm, and hard-wearing wellies is a game-changer for landscape and seascape photographers. 

Having the right gear is essential if you want to be out in all weathers and stay safe and focused on the job at hand in various environments, wet feet are never fun and really can turn a few day’s photo trip into a less fun experience, hence why I am always happy to squeeze these into any space available for trips away including flights with limited suitcase space. In regards to the sizing of the wellies I would 100% go 1 size up, so for a UK size 10 I would go for a UK size 11 to allow for wearing of walking socks.

The ROCKFISH - Walkabout Wellies really have excelled in every situation and environment I have placed them in, from the Heights of the rugged Scottish Northernmost coastlines to the miles of sandy golden windswept beaches of Norfolk right the way through to the disused slate quarries of Wales providing me with a reliable and supportive footing for thousands of miles and with thousands more of life still in them.

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