‘Neo-what?’ No matrix glitches to be found here - our handy guide will tell you all about why you need Neoprene Lined Wellies in your life! #WellyGeek #AndProud


Neoprene is a synthetic form of rubber and is more durable than its traditional counterpart. Very resistant to extreme conditions, it’s considered (not just by us!) to be a good choice for an outdoor boot.

Traditionally non-traditional

We’ve all seen the traditional design of a full rubber welly boot, right? Here at ROCKFISH, all our rubber is handcrafted and 100% natural.  From rubber trees, instead of using petroleum products using natural rubber means it’s extremely waterproof and has high resilience, with a better eco footprint – perfect for your wellies! Our Matt Adjustable Wellingtons uses traditional welly design but is made from a more sustainable material.


Whilst rubber is waterproof, neoprene manages to one-up-it – by being highly flexible as well! Without losing any of its water repelling abilities, neoprene offers wearers great flexibility. Some worry neoprene would leak, but actually it’s the material you’d find used in a wetsuit! So rest assured, when you’re wearing our Groundhog Wellington Boot, you’ll be dry and warm on your walk!



Warm toasty toes

There’s nothing worse than cold feet! Frozen mornings are dreaded, and you’d be forgiven for thinking how you’d rather be wrapped up in bed than out-and-about for early dog duty.


Neoprene lined boots offer you real warmth. Giving superb insulation to the wearer, and the fact that it is waterproof means that neoprene will resist water and improves durability. Our flexible Neoprene Lined Boots offer you warmth in temperatures down to -20°C whilst still keeping your feet nice and toasty, and most importantly - dry!



Happy Feet

Here at ROCKFISH, we’ve made sure our wellies are comfy for all outdoor activities including dog walks and country pursuits. Our boots have been tried and tested in our home county of Cornwall and worn across the world.  Made to last and offer the wearer the best possible wellington boot! If you’d like some suggestions as to where you can put your wellies to the test, check out our blog on 7 Cornish Walks to get your wellies dirty!


Including neoprene in our designs has allowed us to take a selection of our boots to the next level! For example, our Walkabout Wellington Boots are built with performance flex enhanced materials and designed with premium insole comfort in mind. We want you to be the most comfortable you’ve ever been in wellies! There’s even an abrasion resistant inner heel protector built in to keep your feet happy whilst out in any weather, all day long!