ROCKFISH Groundhog Ankle Boots are the ultimate outdoor working ankle boots. Perfect for all outdoor activities; all seasons; all weather.

Absolutely perfect for walking the dogs in winter, super comfy and super warm, down to a temperature of -25°. Easy to put on and kick off, ideal for those of you are always hopping inside and out. Farmers, horse owners and gardeners for that matter. 

✅ 12 Months Guarantee Against Material & Manufacturing Defects
✅ Free Return & Exchange
✅ Handcrafted with 100% Natural Rubber
✅ Vegan Friendly1


 1*A small amount of adhesive glue is used in the manufacturing process. Adhesive glue is commonly made from animal-by products. All ROCKFISH adhesive is a bi-product of rubber. If all manufacturers followed suit and opted for animal free rubber glue, it would make a huge difference.