Rockfish 775 Lazy Lace High Top Microfibre Sneaker

  • Lazy-lace easy zipper high-top
  • Eco-friendly microfiber upper
  • ACTIVEfoamTM latex insole
  • Superior comfort
  • Water repellent
  • Shock absorbent sole
  • Water repellent 💧
  • Plant based rubber soles 🌱
  • Vegan friendly 🌿 * we choose not to use glue that contains animal by-products.


Rockfish, from Cornwall UK, is a Wellington rain boots brand with a cool chic style that is backed by well-made quality products.

We have recently launched a collection of causal sneakers, and now has an expanded selection of casual footwear styles.

From sneakers, sandals to ankle boots, Rockfish are great for urban everyday wear, styles that gives you comfort and the feeling of the Cornwall oceanside leisurely lifestyle