A few fantastic Rockfish Wellies wearers, Thank you all for your wonderful Pictures.

Rockfish Welly wearers, featured here on our very own blog.

The Independent 'BEST BUY' award goes to Rockfish Wellies

This is what they said about our Walkabout boots, beating other top brands for best buy.

Here’s a supremely comfortable, snug pair – so snug, in fact, that if you’re planning on wearing thick socks, you’ll want to go a size up from your usual. The padding is extremely forgiving and will stay that way over the whole festival. With sturdy grip and four layers of natural rubber giving it full waterproofing, there is a gusset which is perfect for extra ventilation on any particularly hot days. They’re available in a range of glossier colours too, should you so desire. The brand also assures us on the website that these are resistant to horse urine, although we weren’t able to test that…

To Celebrate were giving you the chance to own your own pair, available in Green and Black, from a size 5 - 13 uk

The Independent Best Buy



See the full review here http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/fashion-beauty/mens-shoes/best-mens-festival-wellies-waterproof-cheap-neoprene-10213491.html

Rockfish Wellington Boot Winner

Congratulations to this week's wellington boot winners.

Kate Osman entered a competition to win 2 pairs of Rockfish Wellies by emailing details to us here at Rockfish HQ, with huge thanks to The Great British Food Festival who pulled the winner out of the electronic hat!
Mrs Osman and her husband can be seen wearing the Rockfish Adjustable Teal/Green (aka Dragonfly) and a pair of Walkabout wellies accordingly.
Rockfish Wide fit green wellies
From the pictures, you can see they seem to enjoy there new Rockfish Wellington boots!
Rockfish Wellington Boots winners, Walkabout Black Wellies, Green Wide fit Wellies
Including the two dogs Brucelee and Miss Koko Chanel, but which one is which? Only the Rockfish Welly winners hold the key to that answer.
From all of here at Rockfish Wellies Headquarters we say "congratulations".
Rockfish Wellies and British Horse Society

British Horse Society have given the verdict.

As you may or may not be aware? Rockfish Wellington boots are sold throughout the UK, mainly in Equine or Country Stores. Who better to review our boots when working hard in the yard, running through muddy fields and taking the dog for a long walk? British Horse Society did just this, and gave us an amazing review. Of course its no surprise to ourselves here at HQ as we live in them, but to hear this from such a distinguished bunch, well, we were more than happy to share with you.

Here is what they said.

Spotted at a festival?

Spotted at a festival?

Festival goers Stephie Hopgood and friends were seen in Rockfish's very own boots, The Glam pair looked great in Bristol this weekend, attending the Massive Attack concert wearing The Rockfish Original Tall Metallic Golden Welly & The Rockfish Tall Adjustable Champagne (Left). The festival season of 2017 is thumping along nicely, what better style of boot could you have than Rockfish? The Fashionista brand will find these boots truly worth every penny, with our 12 month guarantee and super style, Rockfish wellies are the way forward into the winter months.
Another gorgeous celebrity wearing Rockfish Wellies

Another gorgeous celebrity wearing Rockfish Wellies

Denise Van Outen took the time to send us this snap via her instagram page saying she was 'enjoying the walk in the woods in @rockfishwellies'. Wearing the Rockfish metallic standard fit almost black range, Denise looks as stunning as ever and carries them off well. We like to say 'Thank you to Denise Van Outen', The Rockfish Team all miss 'The Big Breakfast'